The Core Philosophy Of Chiropractic

the core or central theme of chiropractic healing is based on the fact that the body is a complex, coordinated, living system. it is dependent on a fine-tuned master control system that keeps our bodies functioning in a healthy, balanced manner, at a recognizable rate, even in the face of a constantly changing environment. our bodies and our senses are bombarded in an ever changing dance of variables that need to be adapted to by our bodies. this miraculous process is a behind the scenes, under our awareness continuous flow of changes and chemical, neural, muscular, vascular, skeletal re-adaptations. just getting out of a chair, walking across the room and picking up a ringing phone, involves countless thousands of mental, muscular, chemical and mental operations. this coordinated operation of all systems takes place all day, continuously, and is responsible for keeping us alive and as healthy and resistant to disease and disability, as we can be at any moment of our lives. not an easy job! to say the least…

the system that does this most difficult task of coordination and keeping us functioning is, of course, the nervous system. starting with the brain, which besides the conscious part that lets us be the person who reads these words, there is an autonomic, or automated part that connects with the entire body through the spinal cord, a system of millions of nerve bundles, a few of which convey sensory awareness, such as pain, heat, and pressure. the majority are involved in appraising the brain of the status of the body, its balance, temperature, chemical and all number of cellular conditions. then with this information, a continuous stream of information is sent through the spinal nerves to adapt to these changing variables. this finely balanced system allows us to literally maintain life, and carry out our daily activities.

nature gave us this miraculous gift of a nervous system, but knowing how important it was to us she gave us a protective covering to keep it safe from physical harm, the brain is housed in a thick, protective skull, one of the toughest and physically strong structures in the body, the spinal cord, which conveys the information from the brain, needed to travel a long distance to reach all body parts, yet be flexible and protected. this more difficult task was given to the spinal column, a series of interlocking, complexly aligned, hollow centered bones, allowing the nerves to have a pathway to and from every part of the body, and have protection from physical harm.

this complex interlocked system is about as perfect a structure as can be designed, a supportive, flexible, yet very tough mechanical and muscular structure that gives us the ability to stand upright, move in all directions, protect the nerves and provide a frame for virtually the entire body to be built around and connect to.

the spine is one of natures most beautiful examples of form and need directing shape and function. the mechanical complexity is mind boggling, even the slightest dis-relationship between the functioning units can, if left uncorrected, create a small, low level irritation to the spinal nerves, causing a disturbance to brain –body balance that may show up as a simple lack of adaptability in a far away portion of the body, such as a persistent weakness in a leg muscle, a reduction of digestive enzymes with certain types of food ingestion, a chronic or re-occurring ache in an arm, leg or any other part of the body.

the medical profession calls this balancing mechanism ‘homeostasis’, the ability to remain ‘at balance’ in a changing environment. in chiropractic we call this the ‘innate wisdom’ of the body.

it is the basic premise of chiropractic that the first role of a doctor is to see to it that all the natural, needed elements required for maintaining health are present and functional. this includes a basic diet capable of supporting life and adequate to repair the body when under stress and a nervous system free from common mechanical irritations that can disrupt the operations of re-adaptability that are a continuous function of the brain and spinal nerves.

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